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Betta Artusi ART
The Art...it moves me. My soul connects with the pieces life has placed together. I capture these moments and bring them to you. The Art...is my soul. And with this soul I inspire and become inspired. The Art...is what we all aspire to create and this art speaks a multitude of languages.
The Art...is all I am and proudly all I shall remain.

From John Lennon to Tears - and quite literally anything in between - by the time Italian-born artist extraordinaire Elisabetta Artusi puts down the brush, her subjects have started to feel a little... too real. Yet this is not what makes her unique. While many artists' passions only truly come through in works near and dear to their own hearts, Betta's reach is greater - and never at the expense of personality. As a result, she has made quite the name for herself in and around her native Venice over the past 15 years, fulfilling clients' requests with the same care, quality and precision - and taste! - as an elite chef readying your perfect meal, made-to-order. Clients from all over the world agree: Betta Artusi need but pick up her brush, and the magic starts to flow. The only question is what you would like to see!
Feel free to contact her for originals, commissions, prints and merchandise for sale: info@bettaartusiart.com

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