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It starts deep, in the back of my mind like a phantom that's captured my mind within his grasp to rule my subconscious. Allowing me to see the gloomy twisted under layer that lies within the world around me. Exposing strange imagery to the creatures that operate the inner workings of my subconscious during my days until disbursed towards the conscious space of my mind, the space that hungers for a taste of the beautifully frightening, the dark and eerie. As if my subconscious is secretly looking for it. Roaming freely, these disfigured creatures wander my subconscious in search for something worthy to be later exposed by the phantom, the ruler of this fantasy world who lives within the ever expanding space of my mind.
Somewhere through the travels of these creatures with in my mind they created an odd fascination for the questionable beauty of death. A fixation for the darkness that lies beyond, created by the interconnecting fingers that travel along my brain. Unable to explain where such thoughts occur I'm left with the overwhelming desire to express, unveiling what stares beyond the depths of blackness as it protrudes outwards towards the light. The human psyche is a deep abyss of complex worlds of the bizarre and for now I choose to explore it for others to enter parts of these worlds as I see them, guiding them by the hand through the complex tunnels as we move further into the depths of the slightly obscure and possibly haunting images of the world around.

Michael Moore


Profile Link: http://www.DarkArtists.org/ImmortalZoddo

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