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The greatest influence on me as a person and later as an artist had the war that raged in my country during the 90's. Most of my childhood my imagination was saving me from the horrors of every day life. I could say that for me the art is a sort of therapy that keeps me on the surface preventing me from falling into the depths of madness. War is a state that drags out the worst in people, and forms grotesque souls that appear in my sculptures. Me second therapy is inseparable from my first and is called metal music. I've been a leading vocal in a death metal bend for many years now, and the lyrics that I write for the band are those same sculptures, just transferred in words. Maybe not so touchable, but with the same powerful message. Rage, rebellion, sorrow and fear are the feelings that should be not kept inside, and I find myself to be one of those lucky ones who have found the way to deal with them in a creative way not expecting other people to understand.


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