Landscaping Myths Busted

Landscaping is something that needs skills and training and there is nothing better than feeling confident about how you were taught by your grandmother on the things that you need to do to have healthier trees and greener turf. However, the times are changing and what was effective before may not work nowadays. Worse, there are certain practices that do not have any basis at all.

We interviewed both residents and professional landscapers and asked them the common myths they have heard and/or practiced on their landscaping projects and maintenance, and we further interviewed experts and professionals like tree service Hawaii and let them identify some of the common landscaping myths that need to be debunked. Thus, we came up with the following:

1. Watering plants every day is enough to keep the lawn healthy

Disabuse yourself from the common yet incorrect notion of “more is better.” While this works in some context, it does not when it comes to watering your plants or your grass and turf. In fact, the opposite happens: grass and turf die in extreme water moisture.

In addition, most people think that frequent watering in small amounts is better although this just encourages a shallow root system. Do the opposite; water less often but in greater volume to allow the roots to penetrate deeper into the soil, leading to longer root system and healthier grass.

2.You need to finish your planting in Spring or you need to wait for another year

There is nothing wrong with believing myths so long as they do not cause damage and restriction to you from being productive in your craft.

While there are some little truths to this myth, it still does not justify the number of restrictions it imposes to gardeners in planting their seedlings. Yes, it is true that planting in summer and winter may cause some issues due to the heat and extreme cold but this involves several factors such as soil, type of plants, and watering.

Seasons should not restrict capable gardeners.

3.If a tree is dying, fertilizers are the answer to bring it back to life

While it is true that fertilizers offer nutrients to the plants and trees, there is a possibility that it is not the tree’s problem in the first place. For instance, a dying tree may have the following diagnosis:

  • It has suffered from mechanical damage
  • It was not provided with enough water
  • It has suffered from pest infection or disease

If the plant is suffering from these problems, fertilizers will never resolve the case.

4. Cutting the grass as short as possible is better because this means longer interval for the next cutting and mowing

There should be an effort in providing attention to how you cut your grass properly. Short as possible could mean short-sighted, and this becomes dangerous because you might do some damage that you need to repair in the future. There is no such thing as cutting it as short as possible for future convenience, ensure that you cut your grass properly, with the desired length.

Final thoughts

We have said it before. There is nothing wrong with believing myths so long as they do not cause harm and inconvenience to your gardening projects. We do hope that this article has helped you clear some hesitations about certain gardening practices.